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International Day for Street Children

KARACHI: Nations around the globe including Pakistan are celebrating International Day for Street Children today (April 12).

The day, launched by Consortium for Street Children, is being celebrated from 2012 with an aim to provide equal basic facilities to the street children. Recognising the rights of these children is a big step towards creating real change.

Every day, children across the globe suffer abuses of their human rights which violate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. For homeless children living on the streets, there are few means of obtaining these rights, few means of ensuring they get access to; clean water; nutritious food; durable shelter; quality health care and; physical and psychological protection.

Various programs have been chalked out to underline the importance of the day. Representatives from various non-government organisations (NGOs) will also attend the awareness walk.

According to the UNICEF report, around 1.5 million children are homeless in Pakistan and a majority of those are spending their lives on the streets of Karachi.