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Interpol Rejected Musharraf Arrest Plea: Govt Tells Court

Islamabad (August 29, 2018): Islamabad’s Special Court on Wednesday resumed the hearing of the high the treason case against former military ruler Pervez Musharraf.

A two-member bench comprising of Justice Yawar Ali and Justice Mazhar Akbar heard the case, which pertains to the imposition of extra-constitutional emergency in the country in 2007. During the hearing, the interior secretary told the court that Interpol has rejected the application seeking red warrants for Musharraf. “Interpol says that such warrants are not issued in political cases,” he said.

“Submit the copy of the letter in court as we want to maintain transparency in the case. The court wants to finalize the case,” remarked Justice Yawar.“Can the statement of Musharraf recorded on Skype or should the case proceed without it. The court should be assisted on the matter on next hearing,” directed the judge.The hearing of the case was adjourned until September 10.

Earlier on August 28, Akhter Shah, the lawyer of former president Pervez Musharraf told the court that his client can’t appear before the court due to illness in Dubai.

“Doctors bar Musharraf to travel due to illness,” the former dictator’s lawyer told the special court during the hearing of high treason case against Pervez Musharraf.

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He informed the court that security threats were another reason behind the decision to not return to Pakistan.

“Musharraf binds interior ministry security for his return to Pakistan,” Musharraf counsel told the court.The interior ministry will submit its report over Musharraf return on Wednesday(today), in Supreme Court.

Mr Musharraf, 74, who has been in exile in Dubai and London since 2016, is facing several cases in the Supreme Court and high courts, including one for treason for allegedly subverting the constitution.

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