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Iran Warns To Exit Nuclear Deal

Vienna (June 23, 2018): Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran warns a potential withdrawal in the coming weeks from nuclear deal saying that Tehran’s patience is running out.

According to details, in a recent interview to European media at Vienna, Abbas Araghchi remarked that Iran is running out of its patience and there is a possibility for the country to leave the deal in the coming weeks.

Apart from the Iranian delegation, representatives from China, Russia, France, Britain, Germany and the European Union attended the Vienna meeting.

Araghchi demanded that European companies in Iran be protected from US sanctions. He also asked that European crude oil transactions through Iranian banks must continue to operate without any problems.

He said, “we are waiting to see whether the other signatories to the deal, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China, are able to make up for the absence of US and make sure Iran would continue to enjoy the benefits of the JCPOA and its international cooperation”.

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