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Khashoggi Not Murdered Without US Protection: Rouhani

Geneva (October 24, 2018): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia would not have murdered prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi without American protection, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday Saudi authorities staged the “worst cover-up ever” in the killing of Khashoggi in Turkey this month, as the United States vowed to revoke the visas of some of those believed to be responsible.

No one would imagine that in today’s world and a new century that we would witness such an organized murder and a system would plan out such a heinous murder, Rouhani said, according to IRNA.I don’t think that a country would dare commit such a crime without the protection of America.

Trump terms Khashoggi murder as ‘one of the worst cover-ups in history’

Rouhani also called on Turkey’s government to conduct an impartial investigation into Khashoggi’s ‘unprecedented’ murder.

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