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Iraq: Two suicide blasts in Baghdad, 14 killed, several injured

BAGHDAD: At least eight soldiers including 14 people have been killed in two suicide blasts in Iraq capital Baghdad, while more than 40 injured, whereas both suicide attacks were carried out by explosive material loaded cars.

According to foreign news agency, at least 14 people have been killed in two suicide blasts in Baghdad, while several injured. Meanwhile, Iraq defense Department has confirmed that both attacks were suicide, targeting military personnel. First blast was carried out in Hussainia, in which the suicide bomber struck his car loaded with explosive material with military check post, as a result of which four soldiers including 10 people have been killed. Another car blast exploded near military convoy in Jebur area, during which four soldiers were killed and over 22 injured.

Meanwhile, Hospital administration has said that several injured were in serious condition till the last reported, while the hospital administration has expressed fear of more deaths. According to government officials, no organization has taken responsibility of the attacks.