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Irum Azeem Farooqi Claims ‘Mafia’ Rule in MQM

Karachi (October 16, 2017): The dissident MQM leader Irum Azeem Farooqi has opened new Pandora’s box claiming that MQM has been divided into two groups, however one of them is mafia, who controlled the party affairs.

In her video message on social media website facebook, former MQM leader claimed that a mafia engulfed the party and no decision can be taken without their consultation.

She warned party leaders- Amir Khan, Khawaja Izhar and Faisal Sabzwari over their malign agenda in party and said “stop deceiving party.”

Irum mentioned, “MQM leaders used to travel on bikes and wear Chapals but now they have luxury vehicles and living in banglows in posh areas of the Karachi.”

She went on saying that she was on cross hairs on MQM mafia, however she has not afraid from them and will expose their real face.

Lamenting on MQM leader Amir Khan, she said that he had returned to party after submitting apology but he had done nothing for the party.

“I always called MQM founder as traitor and will never take back my words,” she said that people wanted to join MQM but they are afraid of active mafia.Farooqi was elected on a reserved seat for women in the 2013 General Election. She headed the public relations wing of the MQM for years. Her family lives in the United States and she shuttles between Karachi and Houston frequently.

In Sep 2014, she announced she was quitting the MQM, citing the presence of groups in the party looking after their own interests. Weeks later, in Oct 2014, she had reconsidered her decision after Altaf Hussain assured her of action against opportunist elements within the party.

Subsequently, on Aug 22, Farooque disassociated herself from the party and resigned from her membership of the provincial assembly.

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