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Ishaq Dar To be In Country Within 15-days: Claims Shiekh Rashed

LAHORE: Federal Minister for railways Shiekh Rashed predicting returning back of Ishaq Dar has said that the former finance minister will be in the country before his next press conference.

Addressing a presser in Lahore Federal Minister for Railways Shiekh Rashed claimed that Pakistan Muslim League –N (PML-N) forward block has formed which included 35 members.

Shiekh Rashed admitted that they did not get members of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in national Assembly for the formation of the forward block.

He said that next 90-days are vital for the country adding that one who shouting on the tv the most will be arrested soon adding that democracy is in danger only due to thief politicians and if thief politicians were not surrendered their guns then democracy will be in danger.

Sheikh Rashed said that every type of facilities are available to Pakistani politicians in jail as he himself imprisoned in the jail for three years adding that politicians of his kind got treated in the jail and illnesses of Pakistani politicians including him got erupted as they imprisoned.

He said that “Maryam Nawaz knows that her politics has ended; henceforth she holds rally adding that conducting rallies are a matter of creating a disturbance.

Railways Minister also alleges that Maryam Nawaz ruined the PML-N 100 percent and she wanted that Nawaz Sharif faced Egypt’s ex-president fate.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif has trapped between Maryam and Hamza and he advised Imran Khan to allow Shahbaz to visit London.

Rashed said that every party has sugar and floor mafia and all will be held accountable.