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ISIS claims responsibility of Saudi Arabia blast

ISIS claimed responsibility of suicide car bomb explosion, which killed 4 people outside a mosque in Saudi Arabia.

As, Militants continued terrorists activities after strict security measures were taken in Saudi Arabia, where foiled an attempt to target Imam Hussein mosque through car bomb.

However, security personnel saved hundreds of worshipers by stopping their cars to go near to the tragedy area,whereas, suicide bomber blew up a car packed with explosives in parking area, while a passerby and two security personnel were killed in the blast.

According to eye witness, 4rth one who was killed in the blast, was the suicide bomber of car blast explosion. On the other hand, ISIS accepted the responsibility of the attack in parking area of the mosque, while ISIS stated that they would continue their activities in Saudi Arabia.

It is to mention here that 21 people were killed and several were wounded in suicide blast in mosque of the province, Qatif.