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US confirms airstrikes near Turkey-Syria border

U.S.-led airstrikes hit near a key Syrian border town for a second day, as Kurdish fighters defend the area from Islamic State militants.

The U.S. military confirmed three strikes Wednesday near Kobane, also known as Ayn al Arab, destroying an IS tank, artillery, and an armed vehicle.

Clashes there during the past few weeks have sent more than 160,000 people fleeing for safety.

In neighboring Iraq, the U.S. military said aircraft targeted five Islamic State positions, including an occupied building in Mosul.  British jets carried out their second day of strikes, hitting IS vehicles west of Baghdad.

Coalition jets and drones have launched hundreds of attacks to support local militias and the Iraqi military against further territorial gains by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Wednesday his country’s military jets would fly support missions for the coalition, but would not yet conduct airstrikes of their own.

On Thursday, Turkey’s parliament is expected to vote on legislation that would authorize military action against the Islamic State group.