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Islamabad Police Issue traffic Plan Amid PTI’s Pindi Jalsa

ISLAMABAD: Police in capital city has issued a detailed traffic plan for commuters as various roads have been blocked ahead of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) power show in Rawalpindi today (Friday).

In a series of Tweets, the Islamabad police said that diversion has been placed for traffic moving from Rawat T Cross to Rawalpindi Peshawar Road, adding that traffic from Rawat T Cross can enter the capital city.

Traffic from Islamabad Expressway to Rawalpindi can use old airport road as its one row is open, it said, adding that Islamabad Expressway is closed at Koral Stop.

Faizabad Under the bridge for Islamabad Highway is open while its all loops are closed for IJP Road, Murree Road and Rawalpindi.

IJP Road is closed towards Faizabad and 9th Avenue at 9th Avenue signal, the police said, adding that 26 Number Chungi is clear for traffic. Commuters can use Srinagar Highway to reach Islamabad Airport and motorway.

Diversions have been placed at Faizabad for both sides of traffic towards Murree Road Rawalpindi and traffic has been diverted to Islamabad Expressway.

Furthermore, authorities have closed all entry and exit points of Red Zone from Express Chowk and NADRA Chowk.
“Alternatively, Margallah Road and Ayub Chowk can be used,” the tweet read.

Serena Chowk entry is open for one lane while exit is completely closed, it said, adding that Faizabad Bus Terminal is closed for traffic.

Meanwhile, PTI has also shared a route plan for party workers and supporters to reach jalsa point in the garrison city.