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Israel forces continue it’s sieze in Ramallah, a child torchred

Israel has continues to occupy land of Palestinian, whereas, children and women were subjected to violence by Israeli army in Palestine, who seized more land in the West Bank of Sihoni.

In the area of Ramallah, Palestinian women and children demonstrated against the Israeli occupation.

However, Israeli army were violent to protesters, where a wounded child, who was hiding behind a rock while resisting to the Israeli against their occupation, however, he was torched by the Israeli army, who lifted him up by holding his broken hand.

On this event, protesters were demonstrated against violence of Israeli army and showed resistance over the act of army in Sihoni, causing the Israeli officer to let the Palestinian child go.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to violate and the resolution of United Nations (UN), who are destroyed tress, homes and property on the land of Palestine.