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Israeli parliament legalises Jewish settlements in West Bank

JERUSALEM: Israeli Parliament Knesset passed a bill legalising Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank on Monday.

US media reported that the bill was passed by 60-52 votes in the parliament. According to the details, the Knesset passed a bill that allows the government to seize the land privately owned by the Palestinians in the West Band and granted the land to the Jewish settlers.

The Israeli parliament took the measure to give legal shelter to the illegal Jewish settlements built on private Palestinians’ land. The new law would offer Palestinians compensation for their loss.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that they had informed White House that a vote on the legislation was imminent. He said that they had the support of US President Donald Trump on the Jewish settlements in West Bank.

Earlier, Israel had announced to built above 3,000 houses in the West Bank after US President Donald Trump sworn in.

While, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mlandenov warned that the bill will create hurdles in the peace process and incite violence in the region.