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Jahangir Tareen Enjoyed Profit of Rs 155 Billion in Sugar Crisis: Uzma

LAHORE: The leader of PML-N Uzma Bukhari lashed out at PTI government and said PTI leader Jahangir Tareen has enjoyed the illegal profit of Rs 155 billion from the recent sugar crisis.

Talking to media outside the Punjab assembly, Uzma said that three gust personalities have attempted to divert the attention of the people from the crisis of flour, sugar and transparency report issue.

Replying over the use of plane by the Shabaz Sharif said that he used the plane only in the public interest while no one talk about the grid station established in Banigala.

PML-N leader alleged that Amir Kiyani should reply where the money has gone when medicine prices were suddenly increased.

She challenged PTI leaders, “If they have the courage then come into the battlefield.”