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Jahangir Tareen Submits Reply in FIA

LONDON: PTI leader Jahangir Khan Tareen has said that his sugar mills, JWD Mills, made Rs200 billion in three years.

Of this sum, Rs81 billion was paid to sugar farmers, he told the FIA in a letter. The FIA is investigating the PTI leader in an inquiry into Pakistan’s sugar crisis.

He said that he is being investigated for cash transactions of Rs2.2 billion. The amount mentioned by the FIA is not even 1% of the money earned by the mills in three years, he added.

Tareen remarked that he is being investigated in the case without any “reason or understanding”, adding that the transactions FIA has accused him of did not affect any shareholder.

The sugar mills have yet to default on any of their loans, he claimed. The PTI leader, who has been disqualified by the Supreme Court for not being ‘sadiq’ and ‘ameen’, said that the inquiry against him should be closed.

JDW Sugar Mills comprise of three units, two of which are located in Rahim Yar Khan in south Punjab and one is located in Ghotki, Sindh. It accounts for 17% of the country’s total sugar product.