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Jeremy Hunt Named As UK Foreign Secretary

London (July 10, 2018): Jeremy Hunt will replace Boris Johnson as the U.K. foreign secretary following Johnson’s resignation, Downing Street. Johnson resigned earlier in the day in protest against the government’s decision to maintain close ties to the European Union.According to the International News Agency, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned as a protest to the Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to maintain close ties to the European Union. Earlier, Brexit seretary, David Davis and Junior secretary, have also resigned on Sunday in a major blow for Prime Minister Theresa May.

Teresa May accepted Boris Johnson’s resignation by assigning Jeremy Hunt as the new foreign secretary. British Prime Minister thanked Boris Johnson in an address and said she would follow her plan.

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The resigned secretary believe that UK should be completely separated from the European Union, while Teresa May says that UK will be sign a new treaty for free trade and border protection before separation of the EU.

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