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JI Ameer Siraj Announces Protest Against Budget

ISLAMABAD: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Siraj Ul Haq rejecting the government budget has declared it the most failed budget in the history of the country.

Addressing a seminar on the budget presented by the PTI-led government Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Siraj Ul Haq said that Pakistan is like our home if Pakistan is burning then we all are in danger and we must think how to extinguish the fire plaguing the country.

Ameer, Jamaat e Islami said that the manner Pakistan cricket team in the captaincy of Sarfaraz faced the worst defeat in the same way the government financial team followed the suit on the budget front.

Siraj Ul Haq said that the nation is taking the loan from the IMF for the 22nd time while unelected people deciding the fortune of the country adding that the government made a ruckus in the parliament so that debate on the budget could be avoided.

He said that the business community of the country has the biggest risk from the budget adding that the interest system and corruption are the problems faced by the economy of the country.

Siraj alleged that sugar mills owner turned billionaires just in one night by increasing sugar prices Rs 3. 65 per Kg while the sugar mills owners helped to bring the PTI government in the power and even provided helicopters referring to Jahangir Khan Tareen.

He said that nation demands to the government to take the budget back and consulted on it and end the interest-based system from the country adding that every citizen of the country is the representative of the country.

The JI Ameer said the budget has not been consulted for even five minutes in the Upper house of the parliament, Senate.

Announcing the protest against the budget said that they did not accept dictation from the IMF while the budget is also dangerous for the future of the country including its geography and atomic power.