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JI sit-in against KE for over-billing, load-shedding continues for third day

KARACHI: Jamaat-i-Islami Karachi’s sit-in against K-Electric for load-shedding, excessive billing and other issues is continued for third day outside Governor House Karachi.

Large numbers of JI workers and supporter are participating in the sit-in despite sizzling weather in the city.

The protestors are asking KE to shun overbilling and return Rs200 billion that they claimed the utility had pocketed

On Sunday night while addressing the sit-in, JI chief Sirajul Haq said : “It is a huge problem. People are extremely worried over paying excessive bills. This issue should be resolved in the favour of those on whose votes rulers have made their governments.

He said his party`s sit-in in Karachi would continue until it succeeded in its objective and similar protests would be held elsewhere in the country.

`This sit-in will continue until the people are given the relief they deserve; until the money they have been fleeced of unjustifiably is returned, and until every household of Karachi is given uninterrupted power supply. Similar protests would be organised across the country in which we`ll highlight public woes and strive for their solution, the JI chief announced.