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Jirgah Declares Free-will Marriage Couple as Kari

Khanpur (July 24, 2017): A local Jirgah has declared a couple, who contracted free will marriage as Kari in Khanpur Mehar.

The Jirgah members, influential Waderas, had declared the couple Kari for contracting marriage on their free will.

Wadera Khan Muhammad Kaladi and Sahib Sheikh had also imposed RS10 lakh as fine on the couple.

The couple was threatened that they would be killed on failure to pay the fine imposed by the Jirgah.

Following the illegal Jirgah, the couple fear for their lives.

They have appealed to the high ups to provide protection and security to them and save their lives.

The youth, Irshad Chaher, alleged that police had detained his aged father some four days ago and since then his whereabouts was not known.

Karokari, a custom to stigmatize those contracting marriage on their free will and against the will of their families or tribe, is common in the province.

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