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JI’s Corruption Free Pakistan Train March to commence today from Peshawar

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)’s  corruption free Pakistan train march will be started on Wednesday  (today) from Peshawar in leadership of its Ameer Siraj Ul Haq and then it will reach to Rawalpindi.

The JI’s Deputy Secretary General Fareed Paracha said that the march will be warmly welcomed at Lahore in the evening at 8 o’clock.

Talking to media persons at Lahore Railway station Fareed Paracha said that the march in the leadership of Siraj Ul Haq will reach to Rawalpindi in afternoon around 1 o’clock and in the evening it will reach to Lahore where JI’s ameer will address to crowd and after that the participants of the march will leave for Karachi and on May 27 it will reach to Karachi, where rallies will be organized.

The JI deputy secretary general said that the aim of the march is to end corruption and accountability of the corrupts.

All the arrangements for the train march have been completed and participants of the train march will stay at night in Lahore and Rohri railway stations.

Numbers of camps have been installed at various railway stations of the country.

The JI ameer for Rawalpindi Shams Ur Rehman Sawati said that to make Pakistan corruption free it is necessary to take action against corrupt rulers of the country adding that if army chief can carry out accountability of their officers bravely then why accountability of corrupt politicians is not possible, he asked.