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JIT Files Request in SC to Record Qatri Prince Statement in Qatar

Islamabad (June 15, 2017): The Joint investigation Team, formed by SC accordance with five-member bench to probe Sharif family wealth abroad,  has filed a request with the Supreme Court (SC) registrar to travel to Doha to record a Qatari royal’s statement in connection with the case.

The team is planning to record the statement of Qatari prince Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani regarding the submission of his letter in the Supreme Court in connection with the Panama Gate case and confirm the contents of his letter, the source said. The JIT members are expected to receive the SC’s approval on Monday (June 19) and depart immediately, the source said.

Earlier on June 13, Qatri Prince Hammad Bin Jasim Al Thani had agreed to appear before the JIT on a condition, if JIT Team visit Qatar to record his statement. 

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has received reply of Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber Al Thani through a letter. The reply is being sent with reference of ongoing Panama Leaks investigation being conducted by JIT.

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Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber Al Thani has also responded on June 5 to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and apologised from appearing in person before the investigating team.

According to the letter submitted to the JIT, the Prince wouldn’t be able to come to Pakistan due to his personal engagements.Reportedly, Hussain Nawaz had suggested the JIT to record Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber Al Thani’s statement through video link, which they rejected.

The Pakistani Embassy in Qatar delivered another letter of the Joint Investigation Team to Qatari Prince Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al Thani.

A six-member JIT was formed in line with Supreme Court’s April 20 verdict in the Panamagate case to probe Sharif family’s offshore properties.
The probe body has sent its second letter to the Qatari prince in a sealed envelope.

The first letter was delivered to the Qatari prince on May 18, wherein he was asked to record his statement. Prince Jassim al Thani had reportedly responded saying he was willing to record his statement through a video link.

Earlier, JIT wrote letter to Qatari Prince to seek answers regarding his involvement in money trail of Sharif family.

Qatari Prince in his two letters claimed that his family had business ties with Sharif family.

During hearing of Panama Leaks case, on January 26th, Sharif family submitted second letter from the Qatari prince in the Supreme Court to establish the money trail of London apartments.

In his letter to the apex court, Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber Al Thani claimed that an investment of 12 million dirhams contributed by Mian Muhammad Sharif (father of PM Nawaz) was made “by way of provision of cash”.statement, submitted in the apex court by the premier’s counsel Salman Akram Raja, further stated that an amount of $8 million which was due to Mian Sharif in 2005, was settled “by the way of delivery of bearer shares of Nescol Ltd and Neilson Enterprises Ltd to a representative of PM Nawaz’s son Hussain Nawaz in 2006”.

Qatari Prince Al-Thani, in his second letter to the Supreme Court also sought to answer the questions raised after presentation of his first letter.The letter says PM Nawaz’s father, Mian Muhammad Sharif, made an investment of approximately 12 million dirhams in the Al-Thani family’s real estate business.

“The investment was made by way of provision of cash which was common practice in the Gulf region at the time of the investment. It was also, given the longstanding relationship between my father and Sharif, a customary way for them to do business between themselves,” it said.

“At the end of 2005, after receiving all accruals and other distributions made over the term of the investment, it was agreed that an amount of approx $8,000,000 was due to Sharif. The amount due to him was settled in 2006,” the letter explained, “by way of the delivery to Hussain Nawaz Sharif’s representative of bearer shares of Nescoll Ltd and Nielsen Enterprises Ltd, which had been kept during that time in Qatar.”The letter is accompanied by transaction details and auditor’s reports regarding the Gulf Steel Mills in Dubai and the Azizia Steel Mills in Jeddah.

In the earlier letter, the Qatari prince stated that his father had longstanding business relations with PM Nawaz’s father which were coordinated through the prince’s eldest brother. “As per my understanding at that time an aggregate sum of around 12 million dirhams was contributed by Mian Sharif, originating from the sale of business in Dubai, UAE,” it said.

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