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First Time Judiciary has Done Justice with Nawaz: Imran 

Khanewal (November 4, 2017): The chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan claimed that the judiciary has done justice with Nawaz Sharif first time as in past when any judge would had to take action against them they allured them with millions of rupees bribe.  

“It is first time that judiciary has done justice with them, therefore they are crying and terming it injustice.” PTI chairman said while addressing to a big public rally in Khanewal.

“PTI will reorder the governance system of the country and if it corrected the youth will not worry about their employment,” he said adding that million of rupees loss being incurred in all state institutions, however that caused the heavy taxes on the people.

“However PTI will appoint best and talented persons in these institutions that will also help to overcome unemployment,” he added.He went o saying that the overseas Pakistani’s were the precious asset of the country and Pakistan will earn unbelievable prosperity, if they would start investment in Pakistan.

Imran claimed that during his tenure he will brought the taxes down and without it he would collect money by using other means.

Commenting over police and education system, he said, ” we make police people friendly and people will respect them rather fear and no MNA or minister would have the right to appoint their favourite police officials.

He said that he has not seen a weaker prime minister than Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

“I have not seen a weaker prime minister than you Shahid Abbasi,” Imran said as he addressed a political rally in Khanewal. “You are the biggest coward I have come across. Show some courage and utilise the opportunity God has afforded you to do the right thing.”Lashing out at the ruling party — Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) — the PTI chief criticised the PML-N President Nawaz Sharif’s statement on not accepting the ‘minus-one’ formula.

“Nawaz says that he won’t accept the minus-one formula even though five of the Supreme Court’s judges have announced their decision [to disqualify Nawaz from holding public office],” Imran said.

He also commented on the recent decision to end Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) operations on the New York route, the PTI leader said it was once the top airlines in the world and he feels disappointed to the national carrier’s state today.

The Pakistani nation has woken up; it has had enough, Imran said.

“God has granted Pakistan with the most fertile soil, coal and copper reserves, 12 seasons and countless blessings,” he said, “We only need stronger institutions to prosper.”Sharing part of the party’s manifesto for the upcoming elections, Imran said that the PTI will make the world respect Pakistan.

“We will improve our civil service, create an investor-friendly environment, and use meritocracy as a basis for employment opportunities to develop Pakistan as a nation and economy,” Imran told the rally’s attendees.

Commenting on the atrocities of the Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi’s on minorities, including Muslims, Imran said that his party will set an example for the world by giving Pakistani minorities equal rights, as per Quaid’s vision.

“We will make Pakistan a benchmark for the world through our treatment of our minorities,” he said, adding that Pakistan needs to go in the direction that Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamt of.

He also discussed the recent smog that has raised alarm bells across the country.

“Never in the past have I seen such smog in the country,” he said. “Minors are falling ill because of smog in Lahore and the Punjab government has done absolutely nothing to address the issue.”

He further said that the PTI had planted one billion trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to purify the air.

“We planted around 40 forests like Chhanga Manga; we will do more if we get a chance,” the PTI chief claimed. “We will turn the entire Pakistan green like the way we did in KP.”

Imran had earlier criticised Nawaz on Friday for failing to provide a single document as evidence to the Supreme Court in the Panama Papers case.

Addressing a rally in Uch Sharif, Khan had said the Supreme Court gave complete chance to Nawaz Sharif [to clarify] as to how did he send Rs300 billion abroad.

“Nawaz Sharif lied and failed to present a single document as evidence,” he had said. “When the JIT was formed, even then, no evidence was provided to substantiate their claims.”

The PTI chief had also questioned the prime minister as to why was a criminal being given protocol.

“What message is being conveyed? Does this mean one should not steal small things and go for bigger ones?” he questioned, lamenting that prisons in the country are overcrowded with poor people involved in petty crimes.

The frequent addresses are part of the party’s zealous election campaign in Punjab for the upcoming general elections in 2018.

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