Junoon Trio To Reunite After Years

Junoon Trio To Reunite After Years

Web Desk(August 10, 2018): ‘Sayonee’ rockstars are finally back to excite their fans as they reunite and form the world-known and the most exalted band of Pakistan, Junoon for an upcoming song, stated press release.

A local snack brand will be bringing this band back to life along with its legendary Sufi music for which Junoon was always fabled. The tempestuous vocals of Ali Azmat, the epic guitar solos of Salman Ahmed and the groovy bass lines of Brian O’Connell introduced an era of music for Pakistan. It gave hits like ‘Jazba-Junoon’ which echoed in the stadiums for years and till now parallel with revolutionary songs like ‘Meri Awaaz Suno’ and ‘Ghoom Taana’ that spurred enthusiasm among listeners.

“The reunion of Junoon is a pivotal moment in history. In the years to come, we will continue to be the positive voice that inspires millions of Pakistanis,” said Head of Marketing of the snack brand, Ayesha Janjua.

The first sole rock band of Pakistan – Junoon has amassed legendary status in the Pakistani rock music hall of fame and still rules hearts of millions!

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