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K-Electric Excuses Shortage of Furnace Oil and Gas Reason For Load-shedding

KARACHI: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Friday heard the issue of prolonged electricity load-shedding in Karachi.

During the hearing, chief executive officer (CEO) of K-Electric, Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi has told that work is being done on the power transmission system. 30 to 40 feeders are shut due to the restoration process, he added.

He also held a shortage of furnace oil and gas responsible for load-shedding in the city while he informed that the fleet of furnace oil will arrive on July 16 after that the situation will improve.

Alvi informed that there is a need of 4500-ton furnace oil in the summer season while we have a demand of 3300 MW and having a production of 2500 MW.

The CEO said that restoration of electricity from KANUP will take more five days

NEPRA chairman has directed K-Electric to submit a summary of the steps taken to improve the electricity system in the metropolis. We can help you in getting more power supply from the federal government but you don’t have proper transmission structure, he said.

K-Electric CEO said that the responsibility of the ineffective transmission system in Karachi should be put on the federation.