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Kabul: Afghan forces gained control on Kundua

Afghan security forces have claimed to gain control of Kanduz once again while having action in the area, according to Afghan officials, several militants were killed during the action in Kunduz.

Whereas, according to Afghan official, operation has been continued from last night to remove Taliban occupation in the area. During operattion, Afghan forces had support of US air force and NATO.

However, according to the spokesperson of Afghan Interior Minister, more than 150 militants have been killed in clashes by special forces.

Meanwhile, according to the spokesperson of police in Kunduz, Syed Sarwar Hussaini said that the forces have gained the occupation of governor house and intelligence agencies, while dead bodies of Taliban were scattered in the surrounding.

Moreover, force operation has been continued so far, however, Taliban had occupied Kunduz jail, some parts of airport including almost half the city.