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Kabul: Bus, fuel tanker horrific collision kills 36

As many as 36 persons were died and 28 others injured in a horrific collision between a passenger bus and a fuel tanker in Afghanistan area of Jaldak.

As per Afghan media, the disastrous collision between the passenger bus and the fuel tanker took place around early in the morning at 4 am, killing 36 persons.

On the other hand after receiving the information rescue work started immediately.  All the 28 injured and bodies have been shifted to nearby hospitals.  While the hospital administration said that some injured are in critical conditions that could increase the death toll of the accident.

Afghan official said that investigation has been started to ascertain the cause of the accident, however, unsafe driving can be reason of the accident.

The officials added that dilapidated roads condition and having no traffic signs board can also be reasons of the accident.