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Kangana Defends Zaira Against Critics of Her Harassment

Web Desk (December 17, 2017): Last week, Dangal star Zaira Wasim recounted on Instagram her experience of molestation during a Delhi-Mumbai flight.

On her Instagram story, the actor shared an image of a foot stretched out on her armrest. She described that while she was sleeping on the two-hour flight from Delhi to Mumbai, she woke up to a foot rubbing against her back and neck.

“… right behind me one middle aged man made my 2-hour journey miserable,” she wrote in her Insta story.

While the airline apologised and vowed to investigate the matter, Zaira’s story also attracted critics who doubted the veracity of her story. Some questioned why she did not speak up during the incident, while others went as far as term the incident as a publicity stunt.

However, Kangana Ranaut is having none of it.

According to Filmfare, the Queen actor praised Zaira as having made a brave decision to talk about the incident.

She said, “Now, I am not in that position so, I don’t know what kind of harassment it was. But everyone agrees on one thing that the foot was on her armrest. This is wrong. It is very wrong. Why are we judging her, trolling her? In this kind of environment, which is so frightening, who will speak up?

“Most people are saying that he was just keeping his foot on the armrest, taking an innocent nap. For me, it is highly offensive. I would have broken his leg.”.

We’re glad Kangana’s got Zaira’s back — someone ought to.

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