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Karachi: 10-Year-Old Girl Killed As Kite String Slits Her Throat

Karachi (August 05, 2018): A 10-year-old girl, identified as Tayyaba, was killed on Sunday after her throat was slit by a kite string in Karachi.

The minor was travelling with her brother on a motorcycle near Gharibabad Underpass when a sharp string slit her throat.

According to media reports, her brother alleged that the ambulance, carrying his sister, could not reach the relevant hospital on time because of the traffic jam around an illegal animal market in the area.

The police authorities shared that they are investigating the case to arrest the culprit who was flying kite in the area.

Earlier on April 12, A 19 years old boy got injured due to chemical thread. He was shifted to the hospital in a very critical condition, where he had 12 stitches over his eye.

Two other youth Salman and Izek also got injured by the chemical thread. The affectees urged the CM to take action against the outlaws and negligence of Police.

The incidents are increasing day by day and police are not taking any actions.

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