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Karachi, Hyd Witness Increase in COVID-19 Cases

ISLAMABAD: The positivity ratio of COVID-19 cases in Karachi and Hyderabad, once again, crossed 10% amid a steady increase in cases across the country, data from the National Institute of Health (NIH) showed on Monday.

According to the stats, 171 new infections were detected after 11,212 coronavirus diagnostic tests performed across the country, which placed Pakistan’s positivity ratio at 1.53% and the overall case count at 1,532,153.

Moreover, at least 57 patients with infectious diseases have been shifted into the critical care unit during the last 24 hours.

According to the NIH stats, Pakistan’s active case count reached 3,369.

The case count has increased across the country, particularly in Hyderabad where the positivity ratio reached 16.67%.