Karachi Police Barred From Asking Couples For Nikah Papers

Karachi Police Barred From Asking Couples For Nikah Papers

Karachi(October 10, 2018): Karachi police have been barred from harassing young couples for inquiring about marriage certificates and humiliating them in public.

The directives came from Karachi Police Chief Dr. Amir Sheikh on Wednesday in a letter issued to the deputy inspector-general of the three zones in the city and called for stringent actions against such policemen. The matter came in the rise of complaints by residents of the metropolis, stating that policemen in mobiles and motorcycles stop couples and inquire about their marriage certificates to seek proof of their marriage.

The letter warned the involved police officers that such complaints should not rise again, especially among women.

Stringent actions have been warned against police officers deployed at the beach and other places if proved guilty in the matter.

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