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Kartarpur Corridor: Pakistan India Agree On 80 pc Points In Second Round of Talks

LAHORE: A development has been made in the second round of talks between Pakistan and India on the Kartarpur Corridor as both countries agreed on almost 80 percent of the points.

Talking to media after the conclusion of the second rounds of talks foreign office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said that the two parties discussed the technical issues of the Kartarpur Corridor while agreed on almost 80 percent of the points which cannot be informed at this stage.

The spokesman said that the aim of the Kartarpur corridor is the way for peace and work is on the project according to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Before today’s talks, Dr. Faisal exclusively talking to Abbtakk News said that Pakistan moving forward with a positive way of thinking and wanted to open the corridor in time.

The officials of the interior ministry, religious affairs and FIA will also participate in the talks as the Indian joint secretary for the interior will lead the Indian delegation.

The first meeting on the Kartarpur corridor was held on 14th March.