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Kartarpur Corridor Talks: Differences On Some Points Arise Between India, Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: It is revealed by sources said that India and Pakistan have differences on some points over Kartarpur Corridor talks which include numbers of devotees visiting the Sikh religious site on a daily basis.

Sources said that India and Pakistan are diverge on some issues related to Kartarpur Corridor talks.

Pakistan has offered to India that 500 Sikh devotees could visit Kartarpur Sahib daily. However, India kept on demanding 5000 Sikh devotees entrance to the religious sit per day.

In talks with India, Pakistan has viewed that arrival of a large number of devotees could create difficulties in the management of people on a daily basis.

Sources said that two countries second point of difference is on transportation issue as per Pakistan the Sikh devotees could travel to the Kartarpur Sahib by bus daily, however, India wanted that the devotees should travel to the Kartarpur Sahib by foot.

India also demanded that the Kartarpur corridor be opened to followers of other religions as well while Pakistan stated clearly that the Kartarpur Corridor is being opened to the Sikh community only.

Both the neighboring countries have agreed that the Kartarpur corridor will not be used politically.