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Kashmir Committee Submits Reminder to UN

WEB DESK (February 05, 2018): The chairman Kashmir committee, Maulana Fazal-ur Rehman has submitted a reminder to United Nation (UN) for the resolution of Kashmir dispute and ongoing Indian oppression and demanded immediate action on a resolution of Kashmir. 

The members of Kashmir committee, Malik Shakir Bashir Awan, and Abdul Waseem submitted the reminder to the correspondent of UN in Islamabad.

It is mentioned in the reminder that Kashmir issue has been a part of the agenda of United Nation Security Council for years to be resolved.

Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman urged United Nation should take a step to restrict India to use terror as a tool and on the use of pellet guns in Kashmir. He added that according to its resolutions UN should conclude consensus in occupied Kashmir as soon as possible and ensure peace at LOC.

The demands in the reminder include that United Nation should convince India to send a fact-finding mission to occupied Kashmir, UN should take action immediately to stop Indian atrocities, UN should be urged Human Rights Council to deploy specific representatives and order India to withdrawal its forces from occupied Kashmir.

A member of Kashmir Committee, Abdul Waseem said that united nation has not implemented its own resolution, which is incomprehensible, while another member of the committee Shakir Basheer stressed  UN to take action over Indian increasing violation of LOC.