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Kashmir Solidarity Day

Compiled By: Ubaid Suri

Islamabad (February 5, 2018): Kashmir Solidarity Day will be observed across the world including Pakistan on February 5 to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people struggling for their right to self-determination under UN resolutions.

Special cultural programs and festivals will also be held to promote Kashmiri culture and tradition while photographic exhibitions will be arranged depicting the atrocities committed by Indian occupation forces against the Kashmiris.The Kashmir dispute dates from 1947. The partition of the Indian sub-continent along religious lines led to the formation of India and Pakistan.The people had been fighting for freedom from British rule, and with their struggle about to bear fruit they were not willing to let the princes fill the vacuum. Although many princes wanted to be “independent” (which would have meant hereditary monarchies and no hope for democracy) they had to succumb to their people’s protests which turned violent in many provinces.Maharajah Hari Singh continued this policy of discrimination against the Kashmiri population, 94 percent of which is MuslimThe Pakistan Resolution is passed at Iqbal Park, Lahore. The resolution demands the establishment of an independent state comprised of all regions in which Muslims are the majority. The letter “K” in the word “Pakistan” represents Kashmir.The Muslim Conference adopts the Azad Kashmir Resolution on July 26 1946 calling for the end of autocratic rule in the region. The resolution also claims for Kashmiris the right to elect their own constituent assembly.Faced with a popular revolt against his rule, the Maharajah flees to Jammu on 25th October 1947. Once in Jammu, the Maharajah receives a commitment of military assistance from the Indian government in exchange for his signing the “Instrument of Accession” document.Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, in a speech aired on All-India Radio, reaffirmed the Indian Government’s commitment to the right of the Kashmiri people to determine their own future through a plebisciteanuary 1948 India brings Kashmir issue to UN Security Council
Realizing it could not quell the resistance, India brought the issue to the United Nations Security Council in January 1948.The rebel forces had been joined by volunteers from Pakistan and India charged Pakistan with having sent “armed raiders” into the state.It demanded that Pakistan be declared an aggressor in Kashmir. Furthermore, India demanded that Pakistan stop aiding freedom fighters, and allowing the transit of tribesmen into the state.

January 19, 1990: Kashmir brought under Indian control:
The Indian government brings Kashmir under its direct control. The state legislature is suspended, the government is removed and the former Director General of the Indian Secret Service, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Mr. Jagmohan is appointed governor.

March 2000: killings in mosque:
Indian troops in kashmir kill three separatists in a mosque near the border town of Handwara. In the same month, 36 Sikhs are massacred in the village of Chattisinghpora.

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