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Kashmiri Rights Activist Gowhar Gilani Stopped At Delhi Airport

NEW DELHI: A Kashmiri rights activist was stopped by fearful authorities at the Delhi airport and barred from flying abroad.

Gowhar Gilani was stopped from traveling to Germany at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport. He was travelling for a programme with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Bonn.

Immigration authorities at Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi stopped him, saying he can’t leave the country. The authorities stopped Gilani from flying abroad without citing any reasons.

Gilani said that the immigration officer told him that they had clear instructions to not allow him to fly out because of the “prevailing situation in Kashmir”. He wasn’t given any written order on why he has been stopped.

Last month, Kashmiri politician and former IAS officer Shah Faesal was stopped at the airport and was not allowed traveling abroad.

Political analysts believe that the move depicts fear of Indian authorities that Kashmiri rights activists, journalists and politicians may share the horrific details of occupied Kashmir under siege for many weeks before the world if they were allowed to travel abroad.