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Kashmiris Kick-off Protest Amid Heightened Restrictions

SRINAGAR: The people of the Indian occupied Kashmir have initiated their protest while defying curfew and lockdown imposed by the occupation authorities.

They will conduct a march towards the UN office at Sonawar in Srinagar after Friday prayers, today against India’s anti-Kashmir moves and its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

The authorities, on the other hand, have further tightened curfew and other restrictions to prevent people from conducting a march

Call for the march was given by the Resistance leaders through posters appearing in Srinagar and other parts of the valley.

The leaders have urged every young, old, men and women to join the march to convey to India and the world that the Kashmiris would not accept Indian occupation over their territory and Hindu culture.

The march is also aimed at resisting the Indian attempt to change the demography of Kashmir through the settlement of the outsiders in the territory. The clerics will raise the issue during their Friday sermons.

Meanwhile, curfew and communication blackout entered the 19th consecutive day, today, further worsening the miseries of the besieged population across the territory.

Vehicular as well as pedestrian movement remains blocked with barricades and concertina wires on roads and streets guarded by thousands of Indian troops.