Kasur Video Scandal: 3 Accused Awarded Life Imprisonment

Kasur Video Scandal: 3 Accused Awarded Life Imprisonment

Lahore (February 13, 2018): An anti-terrorism Court (ATC) has awarded life sentence to three accused involved in infamous Kasur Video Scandal on Tuesday.

According to details, ATC in Lahore hearing the case announced life imprisonment to accused Haseem Ahmed, Waseem Sindhi and Aleem Asif and ordered them to pay fine of Rs three hundred thousand each.

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Kasur Video Scandal

In August 2015 a local reporter broke the news about the gang’s activities. It is the gang of almost two dozen men, who had abused as many 280 children from the Hussainwala village and filmed 400 videos.A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) constituted to probe the video scandal confirmed 20 victims of child sexual abuse at the time. However, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in a report stated that a much larger number of children were victims of the crime.

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