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Khairpur tragedy: 39 dead bodies dispatched to Swat

RISALPUR: The 39 bodies of Khairpur road mishap have been dispatched to Swat from Risalpur Airbase.
Over 46 bodies arrived at Risalpur Airbase via C-130 aircraft, where the families of the victims were waiting since evening to receive the bodies of their dear ones.
Out of 46, 39 victims belong to Swat while three from Battagram, two from Mansehra and one each from Malakand and Tila Gang.
The bodies of 39 victims from Swat have been dispatched to Khawza Khela via ambulances while 7 others will be handed over to the heirs sometimes later.
At least 57 people were killed in a collision between a passenger bus and truck near Khairpur on Tuesday. Ten children were among those killed.
The accident took place at Theri Bypass on the National Highway at approximately 6 AM. The Karachi-bound passenger bus traveling from Swat was completely destroyed in the accident.