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Khursheed Shah Reacts Over PoL Prices Hike

Web Desk (June 12, 2018): Senior Leader of PPP and former leader of Opposition in NA, Khursheed Shah on Tuesday rejected recent hike in petroleum prices, demanded of the caretaker government to immediately take back the decision. 

Khurhseed Shah said that recent price hike in petroleum prices before Eid will bring the storm of inflation.

Lashing out at the former government of PML-N, Shah said that wrong policies of former government has devalued rupee against dollar.He said the caretaker government should not take revenge from the masses.

Earlier, the caretaker government, against its promises not to hike prices, fell a petrol bomb just before Eid by increasing prices of petroleum products on Monday and it will come into effect from tonight.

The government has increased the petrol prices at Rs 4.25 per litre and the new prices of petrol are Rs 91.96 per litre.

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The diesel increased by Rs 6.55 per litre and its new prices are 105.31 per litre, Kerosene jumped by Rs 4.46 per litre and new prices are 84.34 per litre and light diesel increased by Rs 6.14 per litre and its new prices are Rs 75 per litre.

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