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Khursheed Shah Slams Govt For Overburdening Poor with Taxes

Islamabad(May 03, 2018): The leader of Opposition in National Assembly, Syed  Khursheed Ahmed Shah on Thursday has slammed the government for burdening the poor with excess tax.

Addressing in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah further called the budget as being ‘anti-poor’ adding that the budget has contributed to the problems faced by the people hailing from unprivileged backgrounds.

Opposition leader in NA said its unfortunate that Prime Minister is sitting in the house, whereas ministers are missing.The government has imposed Rs. 300 billion tax on the poor, he said remarking that the increase in petrol price will increase troubles of the ordinary citizens. “You have to pay Rs. 300 tax over 10-liter petrol,” he shared.

The government is not willing to impose taxes on the wealthy, he said. “We conducted a survey which showed that 3 million people can be included in the tax net.”, Shah added.

While comparing the economies of India and Pakistan, Shah said that 60 million people pay taxes in India, adding that about 5% people are included in the tax net. “On the other hand, why can’t 5% of people pay taxes in Pakistan?”He also remarked that politics is not dirty rather it is the politicians which make it dirty.

Yesterday, Leader of the Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah opening the budget discussion said country is facing huge problems due to rising population and declining natural resources.

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He said proper policies have not been devised to overcome the problems being faced by the populace. Criticizing the appointment of Finance Minister, he said his party rejects the budget as unconstitutional.

Opposition Leader said the government took huge loans and put additional burden on the masses of the country. Syed Khursheed Shah said parliament is a supreme institution and its sanctity should be upheld by all. He said it is need of the hour that all politicians make unanimous decisions on issues of national importance.He said government has to pay 14 percent interest on circular debt each year which could not be managed over the course of last five years. Leader of the Opposition in Lower House of the Parliament said the budget deficit is widening. He said in 2013, debt to GDP ratio was 60 percent which is now close to 70 percent and above the legal ratio allowed by the parliament through legislation.

Syed Khursheed Shah said government claimed to give 184 billion rupees relief to the people but on the other hand it put a burden of four hundred billion rupees in petroleum levy and other taxes.The House today unanimously passed a resolution against abusive language used by some Ministers for PTI women.

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