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Malir Gruesome Murder: Disturbed On Creditors Demand For Money Led To Killing Family: Culprit Confesses

Karachi: The culprit of gruesome murder of four people which included his wife and three daughters in Shamsi Society, Malir neighborhood of Karachi, has been arrested by the police after he came to conscious.

In his confession before the police through recording statement to police, the cruel person apprised that he slaughtered his two daughters when they were asleep while third daughter was weeping constantly at bed and he later also slit her neck.

The Inhuman person further added that when his wife came back to room he also killed her over resistance.

He said that he was constantly demanded by the creditors to return their money adding that after killing his daughters he sent his daughters pictures to creditors.

After the perpetrator confession the police have decided to interrogate the creditors as well.

Yesterday, the man slaughtered his wife and three daughters while he also injured by cutting himself through a knife in a horrific incident in Karachi neighborhood of Malir’s Shamsi Society.

The police had shifted the bodies and injured to the Jinnah Hospital.

” Four slaughtered bodies of three daughters and their mother found while father also found in critical conditions from a house number E-1 36 in Shamsi Society, Malir.” the police said.

Girls bodies identified as 10-year-old Samra, 12-year-old Fatima and 16-year-old Neha.

As per the initial statement from police, the injured person Fahad Aslam slit the throats of his wife and three daughters first and later he also wounded himself by sliting his body from a very sharp equipment.

The police have continued investigation of the matter for further details.