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Killer of Anchor Mureed Abbas Offers Apology

KARACHI: The murderer of Abbrtakk News anchor Mureed Abbas has offered an apology, that snowed he admitted killing, to his widow Zara Abbas while the court has set the February 1 to indict him in the murder case.

According to details, the hearing of the anchor Mureed Abbas murder case conducted in Karachi Central jail’s judicial complex where first-time killer Atif Zaman met with the widow Zara Abbas.

On the occasion, murder accused Atif Zaman offered an apology, however, Zara Abbas told him, “Not only I but even Almighty Allah will not forgive you,” on which he responded, “I knew.”

In today’s hearing, the lawyers of the Atif Zaman could not appear before the court, on which court expressed dismay and told the court was giving them last chance and if they could not come up then the court will provide him, government lawyer.

Talking on the occasion, the plaintiff lawyers alleged that the lawyers of the accused are using delaying tactics.

It is worth mentioning that on July 9, 2019, Mureed Abbas was gunned down his business partner Atif Zaman on the business rift.