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Cake The Film Presented To The Oscar Jury Committee

Entertainment Desk (December 6, 2018): Asim Abbasi’s directorial debut Cake that stars Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Malik and Sanam Saeed in key roles have been proudly representing Pakistan on various international forums ever since its release in March this year. After multiple screenings across the world, followed by praises and accolades, the film was chosen by the Pakistan Academy Selection Committee for Oscar consideration under ‘Foreign Language Film Award’ at the 91st show next year.

As part of the process, the film was recently screened in Los Angeles in the presence of jury members of the Oscar committee. Aamina Sheikh, who was present on the occasion aside from Asim Abbasi and Adnan Malik, took to social media and shared her sentiments.

“Cake‘s journey continues as the family reunites again to serve our delicacy to the jury members of the Oscar committee here in Los Angeles,” she shared. “It is quite surreal to come this far, to watch prominent members of the movie-making business here in Hollywood emerge from the screening in tears, hand-holding and embracing us without any need for introductions, small talk or formalities. They resonated, they felt it was a Pakistan they had never seen before, they felt the characters and situations were those playing out in the air own homes and lives. We all felt one. Power of cinema reaffirmed. Prayers that it makes it to the Oscar nomination.”

We really hope Cake manages to make the cut at the Oscars and brings the trophy home!

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