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Lahore: Contempt of Court Case, Advocate General Punjab Resigns

LAHORE: Advocate General Punjab Ahmed Owais has resigned from his post while he said that he will not apologize adding that he did not want scuffle between the government and judiciary and will not include the government in the case against him.

A three-member bench in the chair of Justice Qasim Khan heard notices over contempt of court petition against the advocate general Punjab Ahmed Owais while Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar also appeared before the court.

The LHC bench called Usman Buzdar on the rostrum and asked him “did you know why you were called in court? On which the CM replied, “Yes, I Know.”.

Justice Qasim Khan ordered the prosecutor to read aloud court order while the prosecutor Ahtasham Qadir read the order of the previous hearing.

Justice Malik Shahzad said that “this order issued on March 22 and today is April 11.” Later honorable judge inquired the CM “did you know advocate general did not respond on show cause? On which the CM said that he did not know anything as he was busy due to his father death.

Justice Qasim Khan asked the CM “ Will advocate general Punjab will run this case or not? Over which the CM responded that he will appoint a new officer on the post.

Justice Aliya Neelum said that “There is no any lawyer who did not have any political background.” At the occasion, the advocate general Punjab announced his resignation.

Ahmed Owais said that “I will not apologize and don’t want scuffle among between judiciary and the government over the matter and will not include government in the case against me.”

He said that “I will plead my case by myself.”

The court reserved the judgment in the case while it will be announced on April 19.