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Lahore: Ghee Mills owners suspend supply across Punjab

LAHORE: Ghee Mills owners have suspended supply across entire supply as deadlock continues between them and the Punjab government over the increase in ghee and cooking oil prices.

A shortage of ghee and cooking oil is feared in Lahore by tomorrow.

Punjab government has asked FBR for the accounts of Ghee mills for which FBR has asked three days time.

Ghee demand in Punjab is 4,500 tons a day and if the deadlock continues a shortage of the essential kitchen item is feared to hit Lahore by tomorrow.

It may be mentioned that Punjab government had issued a notification for Rs 15 per kilogram reduction in the retail price of ghee and cooking oil which was rejected by the ghee mills owners who agreed to a mere reduction of Rs 2.50 per kilogram.

Meanwhile, the artificial shortage of ghee is challenged in the Lahore High Court.