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Lahore: Private TV Employee Poisoned to Death by Unknown

Lahore (September 15, 2018): A private TV channel employee has been poisoned to death by unknown people in Lahore.

According to details, a private TV channel employee, resident of Tajpura scheme in Lahore, has been poisoned to death by unknown people. 20 years-old, Saboor Azeem was allegedly fed by a poisonous product. Due to which, deceased’s condition became critical, and was shifted to Shalimar Hospital for medical aid, where he succumbed to death.

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According to heirs, Saboor went to bank to get cash and didn’t returned. Police has arrested the person who bought Saboor to hospital, and started investigation. While, dead body has been shifted to mortuary for postmortem procedure.

Police said that investigations regarding killing of private TV channel employee. Revelation of poisonous product that was fed will only be confirmed after receiving postmortem report.

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