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Lahore Sees Third Power Breakdown In A Week

Lahore (August 04, 2018): Several areas of Lahore continued to face prolonged load shedding on Friday night As Lesco is facing a 550MW power shortage.

According to details, there is eight hour load shedding in urban areas and in rural areas load shedding has reached to 12 hours.

The affected areas are Iqbal town, Islam Pora, Rehman Pora, and Muslim town, load shedding also caused the water shortage in different areas.Whereas following the increase in demand for electricity in the country, the power shortfall has reached 3000 megawatts.

The overall demand for electricity is 21,000MW while the production is 18,000MW.

Lesco Sources reveal that Lesco is facing a 550MW power shortage due to which several areas of Lahore are undergoing three to six hours of announced load-shedding.Image result for loadsheddingAccording to Lesco authorities, the technical fault that occurred last night has been controlled whereas the power shutdown is happening as a result of usual technical faults.

Complaints of tripping due to system overload are also being received causing an increase in the demand for electricity.

A major power crisis hit Lesco late Wednesday night for more than six hours forcing people to bear the hot and humid conditions. As per details, a technical fault occurred in the Lesco system due to an increase in power supply demand.

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