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Lahore: Traffic, parking, shuttle service plan for PSL issued

LAHORE: The biggest issued for the spectators who have bought tickets to watch the Pakistan Super League final at Gaddafi Stadium here tonight would be finding parking and then entering the stadium. The Traffic Police and the administration have issued a comprehensive traffic, parking and shuttle service plan to address this issue. The people are asked to follow the plan.

Today the areas surrounding the Gaddafi Stadium will be no go areas. The parking space for traffic coming from Mughalpura, Mall Road, Jil Road, and Canal Road  is allocated at the FC College. The spectators from Mozang, Ichra, and Wahdat Road could park their cars and motorcycles under Muslim Town flyover.

The traffic from Kahna, Kot Lakhpat, and Model Town would park their vehicles between Chowk Centre Point and Firdous Market.

The park space for the traffic coming from Motorway, Thokar Niaz Baig, Wapda Town, Garden town is carved out at Barkat market.

Traffic from Defense, Cantt, and Guberg could be parked at Liberty parking behind Sun Fort hotel.

Shah Jamal and Zahoor Illahi Road from Canal Road will be open to keep the traffic flowing.

Walton Road could be used to go to Cantt and Mughapura from Kahna, Kot Lakhpat and Cantt.

Residents of Firdous Market, Hussain Chowk, and M M Alam Road could proceed to Main Boulevard and Siddiq Trade centre through Mini Market.

Fawwara No.1 Siddiq Trade Centre, Puul Nehar will remain open for regular traffic from Jail Road to Qurtaba Chowk.

Spectators have to use shuttle service will be used to reach Gaddafi Stadium from the parking.