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Law making should be aimed at eradicating terrorism: Siraj

ISLAMABAD: Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has said that targeting religion in war against terrorism is not right because it hurts the process of developing consensus. There should be no friendship with India until Kashmir issue is resolved, he added.

Speaking at a condolence reference the JI Chief said that any and all kind of terrorism is condemnable. All the political parties should forget differences and get united against terrorism, he said adding that after the Peshawar incident all the parties have given government the mandate to restore peace.
People would not accept the attitude if religion is targeted on the pretext of terrorism. Is it right to take up arms in the name of nationality instead of religion, he asked.
The Kashmiris are given sacrifices every single day and Pakistan should take an unambiguous stand over the Kashmir issue. A free occupied-Kashmir is a must for the completion of Pakistan, he stressed.