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Law Ministry Submits Reply Over Removal Of Mushtaq Sukhera In IHC

ISLAMABAD: Federal Ministry of Law and justice has submitted its reply in the ouster of federal tax ombudsman Mushtaq Sukhera in Islamabad High Court.

The law ministry declaring the appointment of Mushtaq Sukhera as illegal in its reply in the IHC said that as per the article 3(1) of ordinance 2000 the appointment of an ombudsman is prerogative of the president of Pakistan only while the ombudsman act 2013 also did not mention prime minister recommendation for the appointment. It further added that Mushtaq Sukhuera was appointed on the recommendation of the PM instead of president.

It said that as the appointment was illegal so there is no need of his ouster through the supreme judicial council or issuing show-cause.

As per the reply, Mushtaq Sukhera was appointed by the president on the post on the recommendation of prime minister back on August 30, 2017.