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Lawyers Trade Barbs In Hearing Of Dar Assets Reference

ISLAMABAD: Defence counsel and prosecutor exchanged harsh words during hearing of Ishaq Dar assets beyond income case on Wednesday.

An accountability court in Islamabad held hearing of assets reference filed against former finance minister Ishaq Dar. Co-accused Saeed Ahmed, former president of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Naeem Mehmood and Mansoor Rizvi were appeared in the hearing.

Defence lawyer was allowed to cross-examine National Accountability Bureau (NAB) witness Muhammad Aftab by the court.

During the cross-examination, defence lawyer and NAB prosecutor exchanged harsh words. Dar’s counsel said that he has right to raise questions mentioned in context of the reference while the maker of the record seemed did not read it out.

Responding to the counsel, NAB prosecutor said that it is not possible for the witness to remember each and every point.

Later, judge Muhammad Bashir adjourned the hearing and summoned witness along with complete record in next hearing .